At SKTS we believe firmly in Rational and Diverse workforce as an important factor in being competitive in the market. The Diverse mix of Skills, Backgrounds, Views and associated Experiences that SKTS associates bring in to their work place is a critical factor for SKTS Business Success. SKTS believes in and committed to Equal Employment opportunities.

SKTS is an equal opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate by Race, Colour, Religion, Sex, Age, Disability & Gender, we believe in evaluating all the aspiring Employment seekers & associates only on the basis of merit and performance.

Life @ SKTS

We don’t just work, we put creativity into work. Our Management is as passionate about employees as they are about their projects… HR policies are tailored to the needs of associates without compromising organization goals. For us it’s not I, it’s WE. We value team efforts along with recognizing individual contributions. We proudly say “working at SKTS is an experience of a lifetime”.