Robotic Process Automation

More and more Organizations are looking at Robotic Process Automation to optimize business performance, streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs. Besides, organizations have found that re-engineering or redesigning business processes are not always easy, given the time and budget constraints. RPA, employing its human approach, is found to be a perfect solution for making processes efficient by handling tedious, high frequency and rule-based tasks effectively. Typically, what it takes a human a quarter hour can be accomplished by a Robot in under a minute. The advantages of RPA which is platform agnostic, include capability to automate processes spanning across interfaces like Legacy Systems, Virtual Machines, Desktop & Web-based Applications, Backend Processes etc, which makes it a valuable tool of productivity for many organizations.

SKTS offers deep expertise in several RPA tools such as Automation Anywhere, UiPath. A host of home-built proprietary accelerators help in extending the effectiveness of RPA beyond the congenital limitations of tools to make intelligent automation possible amounting to the development innovative solutions.